Larbert West Parish Church


Kirk Session

The Kirk Session. It's a rather old fashioned term now and one that makes you think of old, solemn faced men whose thinking is stuck in the last century. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of us are old it's true but there the similarity stops. Session is made up of the elders of the congregation and its 'job' is to prayerfully work out what God's plan is for the people in the parish of Larbert West and to make that vision a reality. Any member of the congregation can take part in the work of the Kirk Session by attending meetings, making thoughts and ideas known or by being a member of one of the teams which implement the decisions of the Kirk Session. If that appeals to you get in touch with Carol, Session Clerk, who will be happy to help.

Together the Minister and Elders form a team which provides for the spiritual needs of the Congregation and Parish by providing services of worship, visiting congregational members, organising opportunities for training and Christian Education and spreading the Gospel into the Parish.

All Session meetings are open to all members.

Congregational Board

The Congregational Board is tasked to look after the temporal matters of the Church; it is made up of 12 elders and 12 members of the congregation. It is chaired by an elected member of the Board and meets five times in a year. Certain responsibilities are delegated to the Finance Committee, Property Committee and the General Administration Committee as appropriate. All board members are allocated to serve on a committee for a period of 3 years, after this time they can be re-elected to serve for a further term of office on the board.