Larbert West Parish Church

Registered Charity No. SC022777

Play Leader: Lymara Gibb
Telephone: 07515 487833

Do you have or care for a child under 3 years of age? Are you looking for a friendly, fun filled, weekly social activity? Why not join our Larbert West Toddler group? It's the perfect opportunity for you and your wee one to play and meet other parents/carers in the community.

Please contact Lymara to check for availability.

Opening times, admission and other information

  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:30-11:15am (during term time)

  • Age ranges: Birth to 3 years

  • Admission fees (2015-16):

  •               first or only child                         each additional child
            under 6 months (baby)   £1.50             £1.00
            over 6 months (toddler) £2.50             £1.50

  • Examples:

  •         Carer with one baby                                       £1.50
            Carer with one toddler                                  £2.50
            Carer with two toddlers                                £4.00
            Carer with one baby and one toddler        £3.50

  • Annual registration fee: £3.50 for each child

  • Snack included in fee
  • Refreshments available for parents
  • Dedicated baby corner
  • Organised play, craft and song time
  • Group is organised and run by parents/carers as well as a qualified playleader